What Are The Several Kinds Of Online Roulette?


Roulette has long been preferred choice among gamblers and is one of the most recognizable and iconic casino games. The appeal of roulette has transcended actual casinos in the modern digital era and established itself online.

In addition, gamblers will learn that playing online roulette is a unique and lucrative experience as you navigate the exhilarating world of this game. There are several kinds of roulette game and each of which resulted in a unique variety with its own rules, possibilities, and strategies.

European Roulette

European roulette is the game’s original and oldest variation. The 37 pockets on the European roulette wheel, which range in number from 0 to 36, alternate between red and black with the exception of the single green zero (0).

European roulette has a lower house edge than American roulette due to the absence of a double zero (00) pocket, making it the game of choice for those looking for better chances. Here are some key features of European Roulette, such as:

  • Single zero (0) pocket
  • 37 total pockets
  • Better odds for players
  • Traditional and elegant design
  • House edge of approximately 2.70%

American Roulette

American roulette adds an added level of excitement by including a double zero (00) pocket. There are 38 pockets on the American roulette wheel, including a single zero (0) and a double zero (00) pocket. In addition, the chances for players are slightly less favorable as a result of the double zero’s increased house advantage.

Although American roulette might be more difficult, it offers a lively gaming environment, and the bigger house edge can result in larger winnings for players who are willing to take a chance.

  • Single zero (0) and double zero (00) pockets
  • 38 total pockets
  • Slightly higher house edge
  • Vibrant and fast-paced gameplay
  • House edge of approximately 5.26%

French Roulette

French roulette, often referred to as “la belle et la crème” (the best and most beautiful), is a variation that resembles European roulette in many ways. French roulette actually employs the same single-zero (0) wheel as its European counterpart, giving players odds that are similar to those of European roulette.

The “La Partage” and “En Prison” regulations, which provide players special advantages, are what distinguish French roulette. According to these regulations, if the ball falls on zero, players have the choice to either receive half of their stake back (La Partage) or “imprison” their gamble for the subsequent spin (En Prison). These regulations benefit by minimizing potential losses.

Multi-Wheel Roulette: Multiply the Excitement

Multi-wheel roulette is a thrilling option if you’re trying to advance your roulette playing. This variation allows you to wager on many wheels at once, which results in multiple outcomes from a single spin. You can diversify your wagers and possible winnings by operating each wheel individually. You can select the number of wheels you want to play in a single game of multi-wheel roulette because it is offered in a variety of designs.

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